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now seeking:  ministry operations coordinator

The main objective of this position is to find an individual committed to serving the Lord by executing the vision of Advent Houston and the accomplishment of the Senior Minister’s ministry plan.
The Ministry Operations Coordinator will be responsible for: 
  •  Assisting the Senior Minister in the execution of the vision of his role
  • Overseeing staff to ensure a warm and effective environment
  • Consulting with staff to discuss issues that can be solved or brought to attention of Senior Minister and session when necessary
  • Assisting with bookkeeping, finances, HR, and other back-office functions
  • Strategizing, leading, and accomplishing the administrative tasks of the church.

now seeking:  Director of music and media

The main objective of this position is to serve the Lord by directing the music ministry of Advent Houston and the regular media creation that will be used for ministry and mission of the church.
The Director of Music and Media will be responsible for: 
  • Planning and programming weekly worship services in conjunction with the Senior Pastor
  • Leading musically in worship services
  • Recruiting, equipping, and coaching a team of volunteer and/or paid musicians for Sunday worship
  • Managing audio/video systems for weekly worship and overseeing live-streaming of services
  • Developing and overseeing any podcasting/audio recording ministry
  • Creating video content of church life, missional outreach, and teaching for the benefit of the church
  • Designing and maintaining all social media platforms, the church website, and other means of internal and external digital outreach.

now seeking:  Director of Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry Director will be responsible for overseeing Advent Houston’s
ministry to all children, infant through 4th grade. A Nursery Coordinator, who is
responsible for the execution of ministry from infants to three-year-old’s, will report to
the Children’s Ministry Director.
The Director of Children's Ministry will be responsible for: 
  • Casting a compelling and contagious vision for children’s ministry that reinforces
    Advent Houston’s vision and values.
  • Creating a culture of relational warmth and outreach to children, in
    partnership with parents and volunteers, with ministry-wide attention to
    mission, outreach, and newcomer welcome.
  • Developing and maintaining effective systems that foster safety, care, and spiritual growth throughout children’s ministry.
  • Recruiting, equipping, and coaching teams of volunteers for all areas of children’s
  • Supervising the use of physical space allocated to children’s ministry.
  • Selecting and administering curriculum for all children’s programs.
  • Planning and implementing children’s ministry programming that effectively
    engages children at each developmental stage; e.g. crafts, drama, music &
    worship, activities, and recreation.
  • Overseeing the annual budget and the inventory of supplies for the ministry.
  • Promoting quality in ministry through on-going professional development and
    personal spiritual growth.